Monday, April 30, 2012

Plant-based vs. Vegan

Whole Food Mommies has a great blog post this week that I wanted to share. Some think that my diet consists of just not eating animal products but there is so much more to it than that. Just because someone doesn't eat animal products doesn't mean that they will be healthy. Focusing on what to eat is just as important if not more important as focusing on what foods to avoid. The most common question I get from people is, "Then WHAT do you eat?". I eat plants and grains, and try to get as much variety as possible. Here is the article.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Tips- Part 2

This post is a continuation to my Quick Tips- Part 1 post you can find here.

11. Rotate foods- Don't eat the same foods everyday. You will not only prevent allergies but you will nourish your body with a broader array of varied nutrients.

12. Purify your water- Toxins found in water can include fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical residues, and other chemicals.

13. Keep it moving- Add a tablespoon of flaxseed or psyllium to an 8 oz glass of water to ensure regularity.

14. Stretch Daily- Stretching stimulates circulation and lymph flow, and keeps muscles supple. P90x has an amazing video called Stretch X, or you could do yoga. If I have 10 min I will just go on youtube and search 10 min yoga video.

15. Breathe- Oxygen is alkalizing, so deep breathing is a simple way to counter excess acid and balance your pH.

16. Sweat it out- Steam saunas encourage you to sweat and send toxins out through the skin. Try and steam once a week.

17. Take a nap- It's deeply rejuvenating and even a short catnap can decrease stress, even 15 min of quiet time is helpful.

18. Skin Brush- Dry brushing your skin stimulates the bodys detoxifying lymph system. Using a soft-bristles brush lightly rub your skin starting from your fingers and toes and move inward toward your heart. Follow with a warm shower to further boost circulation and move lymph.

19. Clean greener- Try and buy household cleanser that are natural and toxin-free. Or you can make your own!

20. Detox your soul. Start a journal and make notes of troubling emotions. Do this each evening for a daily mental and spiritual detox.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Food Revolution Summit

John Robbins, best-selling author of The Food Revolution, Healthy at 100, Diet for a New America, etc., will be interviewing 21 people from April 28th - May 6th and they will be discussing all topics relating to health!
"The summit will highlight the latest thinking on preventing and reversing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes; the truth about GMOs, soy, raw foods, and grass-fed beef; the social, ethical, and environmental impact of what you eat; and how to inspire your family to join you in making healthy choices."
He is interviewing PCRM's president Neal BarnardJoel Fuhrman, The China Study's Dr. Colin T. CampbellCaldwell Esselstyn and many more! 
The best part about the summit is that it is free. Just go here, and register. If your life hasn't already been changed by one of these amazing people, it's about to be. I encourage you to sign up, you won't regret it. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ear Infections

About 2 weeks ago there was a nasty virus that went through my house. I was hoping that Cosette wouldn't get it and just when I thought she was good, she came down with a cough. I get really stressed out when my kids get sick. Well she seemed to be doing just fine but about 5 days into her cold, just when she seemed to be all better, she came down with a fever. She was absolutely miserable!! After 2 days of misery and the fever still around I decided to take her in to a doctor. He confirmed my fear...she had an ear infection and of course he prescribed antibiotics. I knew that if I gave her those antibiotics that her eczema would come back with a vengeance, so there was no way I was going to do that. Luckily my friend Gina reminded my of my essential oils! That night I diluted one drop of both Doterra's Purify and Melaleuca in 1 tbsp of olive oil and applied it around her ear (Be sure never to put oils IN the ear). I applied the mix again in the middle of the night when she woke up for a feeding and by morning her fever was gone. She still had a rough day, it didn't help that she was also getting her first tooth at the same time. I kept applying the mix around her ear for the next couple days until she was better. I was so grateful that I didn't have to resort to antibiotics or that I would have to deal with chronic ear infections or any other issues because of the antibiotics.